About Us

At MiniStyle we don’t just love giving you a quality product, we thrive on providing the highest standards in customer service and delivery. MiniStyle values honesty, trust and fairness in everything we do so you can expect a great customer experience when buying from us.

MiniStyle operates under the parent company Silver Cross Australia. As part of the Silver Cross family, we have all the privileges of a big company – like great shipping rates and a dedicated customer service team that are passionate about each nice, no matter how small.

The Silver Cross philosophy is simple. It is about engaging community, embracing differences and adopting a village mindset where life, love and laughter are celebrated.

Our motto, Live Love Laugh, encapsulates the spirit of what we aim to do: helping others live better, love deeper and laugh harder.

We add value by:

  • Providing true Customer Service (Putting the Right product for the Right reasons in the Right hands)
  • Engaging community (Through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Star Parties etc)
  • Building Brands that you would love!
  • Partnering with Social and Environmental Causes
  • Encourage the building of Comfortable Homes, Meaningful Work and Fun in Play

So enjoy your experience here at MiniStyle, and we hope you find something that will help you live, love or laugh better!

Thank you for shopping with us!

MiniStyle Team

Live Love Laugh